To Our Valued Guest,

We extend our most cordial welcome and sincere wishes for a comfortable stay. It is our desire to do everything possible to make your stay a pleasant one.

Our experience tells us that some of our guests may have special needs that cannot be anticipated, and we hope you will bring them to our attention. Our Lodging Staff and Rising View Community try to maintain the highest standards of maintenance in all our rooms, but occasionally there may be some maintenance issues that need to be attended to. If you need any assistance or additional information, please contact our lodging front desk by dialing 402-281-1292, option 0.

We welcome all guest suggestions and comments and would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete a comment card. A guest comment card is provided in each room and at the front desk.


Brian D. Schulenberg
Lodging Manager

The Offutt Story

Offutt Air Force Base has enjoyed a long and distinguished history in support of our nation’s military forces. You are on an instillation that was originally built to guard the vast, unsettled plains west of the Missouri River.  Since its construction in 1896, Offutt has been home to a balloon regiment, a World War II bomber assembly plant, a Prisoner of War camp and more recently, the headquarters of the most powerful destructive force on earth.


Offutt began as United States Army Fort Crook, named after Civil War hero General George Crook – commander of the forces to whom Apache war Chief Geronimo ultimately surrendered.  Many of the fort’s original structures remain in use today and are registered as national historic landmarks.


Combat in America’s west, in the Philippines and in Cuba occupied Offutt’s forces until September 1918.  At that time, Offutt’s attentions were sent skyward as the 61st Balloon Company was assigned to command Fort Crook.  The interest in flight soon prompted the purchase of neighboring cornfields for use as landing strips.  By the spring of 1921, two hundred sixty acres of land had been leveled and seeded to create an operational airfield.  Three years later the field was officially named Offutt Field, in honor of 1st Lieutenant Jarvis J. Offutt – Omaha’s first air casualty of World War I.

World War II

The Second World War brought new challenges to Offutt Field and Fort Crook.  The fort hosted a camp for Italian POW’s, using the barracks across from General’s Row to house the prisoners.  Offutt Field was simultaneously chosen by the Glenn L. Martin Company as the site for a new bomber assemble plant.  Offutt produced five hundred thirty-one B-29 bombers during the war years, including “Enola Gay” and “Bock’s Car”, the only aircraft ever to drop atomic weapons in combat.  The factory brought with it a need for large, reinforced, paved runways – a fact that put Offutt on the map of strategic airpower once and for all.


Following the birth of the United States Air Force, Fort Crook and Offutt Field were redesigned to Offutt Air Force Base, and one minute past midnight on November 9, 1948, Offutt became the headquarters for what would become the most destructive force on earth – the Strategic Air Command.  The old frontier fort grew rapidly as the cold war formalized. Offutt has since hosted alert tanker and bomber units in the late 1950’s and 60’s, Nebraska and Iowa ICBM sites during the 60’s, and worldwide strategic reconnaissance operations from the mid – 1960’s to present.


Through the 1980’s the 55 SRW continued its worldwide operational missions and gained host responsibility for Offutt AFB in 1986.  Operationally, the wing continued to perform its missions in support of the US defense against the WARSAW Pact, but also supported US operations in regional contingencies.  These operations included Operation URGENT FURY in Grenada, Operations EL DORADO CANYON in Libya, and Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama.

While the 80’s introduced the wing to conventional contingency operations, the 90’s found such contingencies to be the status quo.  In 1990 the wing was one of the first to deploy aircraft and personnel in support of Operation DESERT SHIELD.  During Operation DESERT STORM the wing logged nearly 7,500 flying hours.  While supporting these operations the 55 SRW was redesigned and restructured as the 55th Wing on 1 October1991, as part of an Air Force reorganization.  Since the need of DESERT STORM, the 55the Wing sustained the highest operations tempo and deployment rotation, supporting Operations SOUTHERN WATCH, NORTHERN WATCH, NOBLE EAGLE, ENDURING FREEDOM AND IRAQI FREEDOM.

Current 55th Wing Leadership

The Air Force Inn Promise

“Ensuring our guests have a clean, comfortable room to guarantee a good night’s rest and a pleasant stay is our goal.  If any part of your stay with us is not satisfactory, please let the lodging general manager or the front desk staff know so they can try to “make it right’.”

Forgot a Travel Item

Welcome! We have provided you with a few complimentary items to get you through your night’s stay.  If you forgot to pack any other standard toiletry item (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.), please come see us at the front desk. We should have what you need for purchase.


All rooms are equipped with an iron and ironing board, luggage rack, mini-refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave oven, hair dryers and rooms that have kitchens will have toasters.

Check-out Time
Check-out time for all rooms is 11:00 am.  Please abide by this so the room may be cleaned for the next guest.  Anyone requesting a late checkout will be assessed a late fee on an additional one-night stay.

Classified Document Storage
Lodging is not authorized to store classified documents.  Contact Base Operations at 294-8505 for a location of classified documents during your stay.

Air Force Inns Reception Center:  COMM: (402) 281-1292

Express Check-out Service

This service is authorized upon check-in to all visitors by using the Express Check out form in each room.  Please dial “0” (Front Desk) from your room to find out phone charge balances.  The Air Force Inn will accept any valid Visa, Master Card, check, or cash payment.  (If paying by credit card, please ensure the expiration date is included on the form.)

Room Charges
The charge for your room depends on the room assigned.  If paying with either cash or check for the room charges, guest must pay in advance.  Room reservation can be held with a current Master Card or Visa credit card.  Stays that are longer than 15 days will be paid in 15-day increments.  Checkouts after 11:00 am will be charged a late fee.  Prices are subject to change.  Room charges can be paid upon check-in or by contacting the front desk at any time.


Housekeeping Service
Housekeeping service is provided during normal duty hours 7 days a week, except holidays (times subject to change).  If you need additional linen or towels, please contact housekeeping in your building, or call the Front Desk at 281-1292.


Sundry Merchandise
Sundry merchandise is available at the Front Desk.  This includes disposable razors, shaving cream, shampoo, cream rinse, aspirin, laundry detergent, tampons, soft drinks, snack items, alcoholic beverages, and more.


When not stocked in your room, soft drink beverages are available at the Front Desk.   Liquor may be purchased at the Front Desk at the Air Force Inns Lodging Reception Center, for those 21 years of age or older.


Ice Machines
Ice machines are available in each Lodging building for your convenience.   Malmstrom is located on the first floor at the south entrance.  Quarter 13 is located in the laundry room on the second floor.


If you lose a room key, notify the Front Desk at 281-1292.  A duplicate room key may be made by presenting proper I.D. to the Front Desk representative.


Washers and dryers are provided in each Lodging building free for our guests.  Malmstrom Inn’s is located on the first and second floors on the north side stairwells. Quarters 13’s is located between 1005/1006 and the linen room.


Telephones are in each room of all Air Force Lodging facilities and have commercial lines.


Wake Up Service
To activate wake up service dial 73050 and follow the prompts to set a wakeup call.

To cancel wake up service from your phone, dial 73050, press 2 to cancel the wakeup call.

Our phone system is equipped with an Automated Attendant to direct your calls. If you are not in your room when a call comes, the phone system will receive a voice message.  Please do not change the message programmed on the phone for receiving messages.  To access voice mail, press the message button on the phone.


Recreation Activities
Please visit the 55th Force Support Squadron website at

Facebook: offutt55fss

Local Entertainment and Restaurants
In addition to information listed under Attractions/Points of Interest/Restaurants, the local phone book lists all local area facilities.


Check Cashing
Check cashing is available at the Main Exchange, Shopettes, and other main facilities around the base and local area.


Jogging Route
See Base Maps for a Jogging Route and directions.


Recorded Information
Base Chapel                     294-6244
Capehart Chapel            294-6051
Weather Information   294-5671


Customer Evaluations
There is an evaluation form in your room, or you may pick one up at the lodging front desk. We welcome any comments or suggestions you wish to make. Completed forms may be left with the housekeeper, given to the front desk, or mailed. The Lodging Manager and staff are ready to assist you during your stay and welcome your comments on the service provided.


Room Types
General Officer Suites……………………$97.00
DV Suites………………………………………$97.00
VQ Rooms……………………………………. $89.00
TLF Rooms……………………………………$96.00
Pet TLF Rooms…………………………….$106.00

TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility)
If you are arriving PCS and your stay is over 15 days, payment for the TLF room will be made in 15-day increments.  All TDY, PCS In/Out, and Space Available guests will provide a valid credit card to the Front Desk upon check in.

Visiting Quarters (VQ)
If you are arriving PCS and your stay is over 15 days, then payment for the VQ room will be made in 15-day increments.  All TDY, PCS In/Out, and Space Available guests will provide a valid credit card to the Front Desk upon check in.


Guests who are not responsible for room charges are still liable for all incidental charges occurred during the stay.

Guest understands that all Air Force rooms, and common areas are non-smoking.  Please utilize the designated smoking areas outside your building.  No pets are authorized except in pet TLFs.  Any violation to those policies will result in a cleaning service charge to your account.

— Free DVDs are available for checkout – please see the front desk for assistance —


We strive to provide you a clean room with sufficient towels and amenities; unless you a have a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.  If you display the sign, please remove it by 10:00 am so that we may provide service.

Due to security, the “Do Not Disturb” sign may not be displayed for more than 48 hours.  After 48 hours, management will check for occupancy and have the room cleaned.


Daily Stayovers:
Towels replaced (if placed on floor)
Waste baskets cleaned and emptied
Sundries restocked if applicable
Beds made
Amenities restocked (personal & coffee/tea)
Floors and carpet cleaned (when major messes are noticed)


Extended Stayovers: (Stay-overs more than 7 days)
Sheets changed
Toilets cleaned inside & out
Vanity, sinks, & mirrors cleaned
Bathroom clean of hair & bugs
Vacuum & mop
Light dusting & furniture polished
Bathtub cleaned inside & out
Shower curtain/door cleaned
Towels replaced (if they haven’t been)


Check Outs:
Overall dusting completed (high & low) and furniture polished
Bedspreads, blankets, linen, pillows, bathmats, and towels cleaned
Walls and ceiling clean/free of smudges/spills
Countertops, sinks, and cabinets (cleaned inside and out)
A/C heat vents cleaned
Fixtures/appliances clean and functioning
Furniture free of crumbs/trash between cushions
Dishwashers clean (inside/out & free of soap film)
Floors and carpets cleaned (to include under and behind furniture)
Light fixtures clean/free of bugs
Under furniture cleaned/free of dust/trash
Dishware and utensils clean
Window sills and tracks clean
Irons/Ironing board covers clean & serviceable
Drawers cleaned out


  1. Monetary liability can be incurred if you damage, lose, or destroy any property under your personal care.  While living in our rooms, all supplies, equipment, and fixed assets are your responsibility.  If you damage televisions, bedding, furniture, thermostat, windows, carpets etc., through your neglect or misuse, you will be held liable for payment of repair, replacement, or cleaning of these items.  It is also your responsibility to report any person/persons you see destroying or stealing government property.  In order to maintain these rooms, we need your help.  Report incidents to the front desk 281-1292 or Security Forces 294-6110.
  2. All rooms are nonsmoking. Guests found smoking in their room will be charged a fee of $150.00 for intense cleaning to remove all traces of smoke.
  3. Please ensure personal items are not left on the bed (housekeepers are not authorized to handle personal items, therefore, if items are left on the beds the housekeepers will not make the bed).
  4. Please pick up and keep personal clothing in appropriate storage areas.  Seal and store food items properly.  Do not store flammable liquids in your room.  Please turn off your lights when leaving the room to conserve energy.  Report disturbances to the front desk.
  5. Keep your room door is always locked.  Check your door when leaving.  Service will not be provided if money or high dollar items are left lying around the room.  Report suspicious people in or around your room to the Security Forces, 911 or 294-6110.
  6. Please contact the front desk should your room require any maintenance.  There is a maintenance request form provided in your room for your convenience.  Problems requiring maintenance can be identified to the front desk 24 hours a day, but only emergencies will be called in to Civil Engineering (CE) outside normal duty hours.  CE operates on a priority system, handling emergencies first and routine problems as soon as possible.  If the repair is not easily accomplished or the room becomes unserviceable, we will attempt to relocate you to another room.
  7. Pets are not allowed in units or on the premises in accordance with AFM 34-2 para 47.  The lodging manager will provide Guests with a list of local kennels.  Guests who take pets on the lodging premises will be charged a fee of $150.00 for intense cleaning to remove all traces of the animal.
  8. For safety reasons, housekeepers are required to enter all rooms every 3rd day regardless even if there is a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.  TLF pet units will be entered every day.  Pets must be kenneled while guests are away or when the housekeepers are in the unit for their safety.
  9. Ensure wet clothing or towels are not left on furniture.



Pets are only allowed in our four pet friendly rooms at the Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF).

All pets must be kenneled when leaving the unit.  Housekeeping will not service the unit while pets are not kenneled. Pets are not authorized in any other Air Force Inns Lodging facility rooms.

Pets may be housed in the local area animal boarding facilities listed below and are furnished for your information only and does not constitute endorsement by the Department of the Air Force.

Guests are subject to a $150.00 cleaning fee if pets are found in unauthorized rooms.

Dogs Inc.                                            Paddington Station Inn

8806 South 36th Street                  206 Cunningham Road

Bellevue, NE                                      Bellevue, NE

Phone: 402-614-3004                    Phone: 402-292-4547

Tully’s Kennels

7777 D Street

Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-391-2456

Please refer to the yellow pages or internet for additional kennel listings.


Parking is free for all guests. Parking in some lodging locations requires a parking permit and will be presented to the guest at check in.

All oversized vehicles must use the SAC Gate off Capehart Road for entrance to the Base.

Do not park your U-Haul camper or boat in the AAFES, Willow Lakes golf course or Commissary parking lots or at any commercial businesses or strip malls as your vehicle is subject to be towed at your expense.

If you are driving a U-Haul or camper vehicle as the primary vehicle, please park in the parking lots farthest parking spots so as not to hinder other vehicles and traffic from accessibility to the lodging building.

Be sure to lock vehicle and take your valuables with you as we are not responsible for any lost items.

For long term parking please contact Outdoor Recreation at 402-294-4049, for the RV storage lot.


Please avoid the following fire hazards:

Smoking in bed.

Storing highly flammable liquids / materials in your quarters.

Using unauthorized cooking or heating devices in your room.

Placing charcoal grills within 15 feet of the building.

Placing hot appliances such as irons, coffeepots, etc., in lockers, drawers, or on beds.

Overloading electrical circuits.  Use of multi-plugs is not authorized.

Leaving television, radio, or other electrical appliances on when you leave the room.

Leaving cooking equipment unattended if you live in quarters that have a kitchen.

Not following good housekeeping practices


The following is a list of procedures to follow in the event of a tornado.

When notified of a tornado from sirens, sightings, Lodging, Security Forces, or Giant voice speaker, please be prompt in acting calmly and safely.

Stay away from windows or other glass items.

Be prepared to move to an area shelter.  Watch the television or listen to the radio, listening for any announcements.  Contact the Front Desk if unsure of what to do.

Guests on the upper levels should go to the lowest level into the restroom and close the door. 

Sponsors must make sure their dependents are evacuated to safe areas.

When the “all clear” sounds and “to return” has been given, please ensure that any items borrowed from a Lodging room, or another room is returned.


Severe thunderstorms, hail, roaring noises, the sound of a hundred locomotives, a funnel cloud dark and spinning shaped like a ropelike column from the sly to the ground are all signals of a tornado.


This signal means there is a chance of dangerous weather with possible damaging winds.


This signal is a continuous high-pitched siren.  It means a tornado has been sighted.  If you see or hear the tornado coming do not wait for a warning signal, go take shelter.  If a tornado appears while you are driving, get out of your vehicle and move away from it.  Lie face down in a nearby ditch or ravine with your hands over your head, away from window and other glass items.




-Place toaster on a flat, level surface.  Insert one slice of bread into each slot.

-Check the Shade Selector level on the end of the toaster for desired toasting level.

-Adjust Shade Selector on each subsequent toasting to your preference.

-If you desire only ONE slice of toast, be sure to use the slot marked “ONE SLICE”

-For best results, follow instructions printed on the PASTRY package.  If the package does not have instructions, position the Shade Selector Level in the middle. Some pastries may require a second toasting.

-Press the Toasting Lever located on one end of your toaster downward until it locks into place.  The toast will POP UP when it has reached the selected color.


-If a piece of toast becomes lodged inside the toaster, unplug the toaster and allow to cool down.  Then turn upside down and shake object loose.

-NEVER use a FORK or SHARP-EDGED UTENSIL to remove toast because it may damage the heating element or CAUSE INJURY.

-To protect against risk of fire, do not put RICE CAKES in toaster.

-Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.

-Oversized foods, metal foil packages, or utensils must NOT be inserted in toaster as they may cause a fire or electrical shock.

-DO NOT place pastry items with runny-type frosting or open filling in toaster.



-Remove brewing filter from beneath top housing.  Insert one coffee-filled filter in funnel for 4 cups or 2 coffee-filled filters for 10-12 cups.

-Slide coffee –filled filter and funnel into place under top of housing.

-Pour water into intake screen.  Place empty decanter, with lid, on the warmer plate below.

-Turn the Control Switch to the ON position.  When the coffee stops flowing from the brew funnel, the brewing cycle is completed.  The warmer plate will remain ON until the Control Switch is turned OFF.

-To make another pot of coffee, repeat above steps.

-When finished using the coffee maker, or when carafe is empty, be sure to turn the Control Switch to OFF and UNPLUG.


-Select a K-Cup portion pack.  Do not remove foil lid or puncture the K-Cup portion pack.

-Make sure the brewer is plugged in.  Depress the large ‘PRESS TO OPEN” button on top of the brewer.

-Place a K-Cup portion pack in the K-Cup Holder (DO NOT REMOVE FOIL LID). Lower the handle completely and firmly to close the lid and puncture the K-Cup portion pack.

-The hot water tank cover will open automatically.  Fill the Hot water tank with tap water or bottled water up to the FILL LEVEL indicator.

-Close the hot water tank cover.  The “PLACE CUP” light will be flashing.  Place a 10 oz. coffee cup in the dispense area on the drip tray.

-Press the flashing BREW button.  The HEATING light will be illuminated.  When the water reaches temperature, the HEATING light will go off and coffee/tea will start to dispense.

-The coffee or tea will begin to dispense in less than 3 minutes.


-Open coffee filled filter package.  Slip plastic holder and coffee filter into slot in coffee maker.

-Fill serving cup with cold water.  Pour water into the water reservoir on top of machine.

-Place serving cup under brew basket.

-Press start button.  Coffee maker will turn off when finished brewing.


-Do not use a cracked carafe or a carafe having a loose or weakened handle.

-Do not place HOT carafe on cool or wet surfaces.  Allow to cool before washing or adding liquids.

-Do not set empty carafe on HOT heating surface.

-Do not place hands inside carafe.  When handling, be careful if wearing any hand jewelry, especially diamond rings.  Jewelry can scratch the glass, which increases possibility of breakage.

-Discard or notify Housekeeping Staff if carafe is cracked, scratched, or was heated while empty for an extended period of time.

-If stirring in the carafe, use only wooden, plastic or rubber utensils.  Do not use METAL UTENSILS.



-Read food package for Microwave instructions prior to cooking.

-Place food in Microwave and close the door.

-Press Power button.

-Set desired cook time using the MIN and SEC buttons.

-If possible, try to cover item with napkin to prevent splattering in Microwave.

-Press the START button.

-Please keep the unit clean to reduce the possibility of uninvited little guests.


-Do not grossly overcook foods.  Many overcooked foods will cause a fire in the oven cavity.

-Do not store combustibles such as bread, cookies, etc., inside the oven because if lightning strikes the power lines, it may cause the oven to turn on.

-Do not use wire twist ties in the oven.  Be sure to inspect purchased items for wire twisters and remove them before the item is placed in the oven.

-Some products such as whole eggs, water with oil or fat, sealed containers, and closed glass jars, for example, may explode and should not be heated in this oven.

-When heating liquids such as water, tea, or coffee, be careful when removing container as energy will enter liquid and may explode when the door is open.

-Do not operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug.




-Turn Temperature Selector to the dot at OFF/FILL setting.

-Unplug cord.

-Steam Button may be up or down.

-Pour ½ cup water into FILL hole.

-Do not overfill.

-Iron can be refilled while hot.


-Turn Temperature Selector to the dot at OFF/FILL setting.

-Unplug cord.

-Empty iron while it’s hot over sink with tip pointing down.


-Always turn Temperature Selector to the dot at OFF/FILL and unplug from outlet before filling iron. When plugging cord into a standard electrical outlet, check to be sure temperature is turned to the dot at OFF/FILL setting.

-Set to correct temperature setting as to the type of clothing.


-Always turn Temperature Selector to the dot at OFF/FILL and unplug from outlet before filling iron.

-When plugging cord into a standard electrical outlet, check to be sure temperature selector is turned to the OFF/FILL setting.

-Be sure to TURN OFF iron when done to prevent accidental burning and/or scorching.

-Allow iron to cool at least 15 minutes before storage.



-Use the ON/OFF switch to turn your dryer on.

-Use the LOW setting for slow styling speed and warm air.

-For hotter air and faster drying, use the HIGH setting.

-This appliance may be plugged into any 110-120 Volt AC electrical outlets.  Do not use any other electrical outlet.


-Heating section(s) should never be touched, or serious burns may occur.

-To avoid possible scalp or hair burns, use hot and fast settings only when hair is wet.  Reduce to a lower heat setting as your hair dries.

-Do not keep dryer directed at one place; keep a constant motion.  This is especially important if you are drying a wig which heat could cause possible damage.

-For maximum airflow, hold dryer no closer than 6 inches from the head.

-Allow dryer to cool prior to storage.

-Keep cord and dryer out of the reach of small children and away from water or moisture.



-Radio stations can be accessed by pushing selection buttons on top of the clock radio.

-Volume can be adjusted with the volume button on the side of the clock radio.


-Press the ALARM SET button.

-Set desired wake up time using arrow buttons for increasing or decreasing the time.

-Select the MUSIC button or press enter for the alarm tone.

-Check station and volume level to wake up to, if music is selected.


-Do not expose product near water such as a sink.

-Always leave sufficient space around the product for ventilation. Do not place product in or on a bed, rug or cabinet that may prevent air flow through the vent openings.

-Care should be taken so that objects do not fall, and liquids do not spill on the clock radio.



-Press POWER button to turn on.

-Press GUIDE button for channel options.

-If it says, “no signal”, press the INPUT button, continue to press the input button until it reaches HDMI1.  If it still doesn’t connect press input button until HDMI2.  If you continue to get a “no signal”, please call the front desk to report the issue to maintenance.


-Press POWER button on DVD remote.

-Press OPEN button and load the DVD disc.  Press OPEN button again to close.

-Using TV remote press input button.  Continue to press INPUT button until it reaches AV.

-Using DVD remote press plays and enjoy the movie.

-When finished using the DVD use the TV remote to change the input button back to HDMI1 for the regular TV stations.


-Always hold the plug firmly and make sure your hands are dry when plugging in or unplugging the AC power cord.

-Ventilation openings in the cabinet release heat build-up during operation; if blocked, heat build-up may result in fire hazard or heat damage to discs.

-Never cover ventilation slots while unit is ON or operate unit while placed on a bed, sofa, rug, or other soft surfaces.

-During a lightning storm, or leaving unit unused for extended periods of time, disconnect the power source.

-Keep unit away from water or moisture.

TLF Maintenance Notice

TLF Lodging Guest,

As we strive to provide you the best lodging experience possible, we understand that things can breakdown or stop working.  Here is a list of items that can be called directly to Rising View maintenance. (402) 991-9820, 24/7 or contact the front desk for assistance.

Mowing, snow and ice removal, fencing

HVAC problems (furnace, A/C and exhaust fans)

Appliance problems (refrigerator, microwave, stove, dishwasher)

Plumbing problems (garbage disposal, toilets, sink/tub drains and faucets, shower doors, shower heads)

Electrical problems (switches, outlets, ceiling fans)

Garage door problems (rollers, opener or controllers)

Smoke detector problems

Interior/exterior (cabinets, towel bars, doors, screen door, widow and screen problems)

Items that lodging personnel will take care of for you are:

Light bulbs/ Lamps

Phone, TV cable and internet issues

Bed and Bath linen

Kitchen items (coffee pot, toaster, pots and pans, etc.)

Furniture problems


Door locks/garage door remotes/safes


Please contact our front desk @ (402) 281-1292 ext. 0, 24/7

Lodging Maintenance hours, M-F 0800-1530 hrs.

TLF Housekeeping, Sunday-Saturday 0900-1400 hrs.


Hours are subject to change.

Roman Catholic Services

Sunday, 8:30 and 11:00 am at Capehart Chapel.  Prayer chain: 402-291-5378.

Confession 30 minutes before each Sunday Mass.

Call 402-294-6070.


Sunday, 10:00 am contemporary service at SAC Memorial Chapel with Children’s

Church during the service.  Bible studies and family activities are offered throughout the year.  Call 402-294-6244.


Shabbat is held on the first and third Fridays, 7:30 pm at the Capehart Chapel.

Call 402-294-6244.


Interfaith devotions are held on the first Friday, 12:00 at the Capehart Chapel.  Call 402-738-8095

Base Chapels

SAC Memorial Chapel & Annex 402-294-6244, Bldg 463

(SW corner of parade grounds)

Capehart Chapel & Annex Bldg 1226 402-294-6051

(Capehart Road and 25th Street)


Call for service times.


First Baptist Church of Bellevue—402-291-3378, 23rd & Hancock, Bellevue, NE


St. Mary’s Catholic Church–402-291-0616, 2302 Crawford St, Bellevue, NE

St. Mathew Catholic Church—402-292-7418, 12210 S. 36th St., Bellevue, NE


Calvary Christian Church—402-293-1700, Cornhusker and Cedar Island Road, Bellevue, NE

Bellevue Christian Center—402-291-0616, 1400 Harvell Drive, Bellevue, NE


Church of the Holy Spirit Episcopal—402-291-7732, 1305 Thomas Drive, Bellevue, NE


Immanuel Lutheran ELCA—402-291-8868, 104 Galvin Road North, Bellevue, NE

Pilgrim Lutheran Church—402-291-2848, 2311 Fairview Drive, Bellevue, NE


St. James United Methodist Church—402-291-3881, 1501 Franklin St., Bellevue, NE


Bellevue Church of Christ—402291-3585, 24th & Madison St., Bellevue, NE

Twin Valley Church—402-292-3739, 1908 Lloyd St., Bellevue, NE

Bible Truth Ministries—402-292-9499, 2402 Franklin St., Bellevue, NE


Avery Presbyterian Church—402-733-1104, 1910 Avery Road, Bellevue, NE

First Presbyterian Church—402-291-1104, 1220 Bellevue Blvd., Bellevue, NE



Cobalt Federal Credit Union, Bldg. 335 BX

AFFES Main Store, Bldg. 165, BX

AFFES GNC, Bldg. 165, BX


AFFES Service Station, Bldg. 280


AFFES Shoppette, Wherry, Bldg. 361


Post Office, Bldg. 137


AAFES Alteration Tailor Shop

BX Annex 402-232-9513

AFFES Barber Shop, BX Annex, 402-291-8521

AFFES Beauty Shop, BX Annex


AFFES Laundry/ Dry Clean, BX Annex 402-292-1232

AFFES Military Clothing, BX Annex


Commissary, Bldg. 107


AFFES Class VI, Bldg. 280, 292-7097

AFFES Shoppette, Capehart, Bldg. 5086, 402-292-0218

Thrift Shop, Bldg. 525

402- 294-6879


AAFES- Burger King, Bldg. 280, 402-292-6769

AAFES-Charley’s, Bldg. 165, BX Annex


AAFES- Popeye’s, Bldg.  165, BX Annex


AAFES-Wing Cafeteria, Bldg. 500, 402-291-8065

AAFES-Hospital Annex, Bldg. 400,


Peacekeeper Lanes, Bldg. 301D Enter #7, 402-294-2514

Ronald L King Dining, Bldg. 324


Grill at Willow Lakes

Bldg., 9950, 402-294-3530


TDY military personnel are authorized government dining facilities. Please note an additional surcharge may incur with the meal price. A copy of your orders must be presented to the cashier.



Connect to the website to get the most recent information on facility hours of operation and events happening at Offutt AFB.


FSS Facilities:

Aero Club 402-294-3385

Air Force Inns 402-281-1292

Airman & Family Readiness 402-4329

Arts & Crafts 402-294-3837

Auto Hobby Shop 402-294-5564

Child Development Center 1 402-294-2014

Child Development Center 2 402-232-2526

Civilian Personnel 402-294-3020

Education Center 402-294-5716

Family Child Care 402-294-9016

Flight Kitchen 402-294-1105

Warhawk Community Center 402-294-9558

NAF Human Resource Office 402-294-2344

Information Tickets & Travel 402-294-4049

MPF Customer Service 402-294-2374

Offutt Field House 402-294-5414

Outdoor Recreation 402-294-4049

Peacekeeper Lanes 402-294-2514

Resource Management 402-294-6251

Ronald L King Dining Facility 402-294-3980

Warhawk Community Center 402-294-9558

Willow Lakes Golf Course 402-294-3530

Youth Programs 402-294-5152


Applebee’s Neighbor Bar & Grill,10402 S 15th St,402-293-8400

Buffalo Wild Wings,10525 S 15th St,402-991-9464

Burger King,1400 Galvin Road,402-292-1338

China Buffet,2903 Samson Way,402-292-2944

Chipotle,10403 S 15th St,402-291-3035

Dairy Queen,501 W Mission Ave,402-292-3721

Don & Millie’s,2208 Pratt Ave,402-291-9211

Famous Dave’s,2015 Pratt Ave,402-934-5614

Golden Corral,1511 Gregg Rd,402-293-5696

IHOP,1503 Cornhusker Rd,402-292-6990

Jimmy John’s,1306 Harlan Drive,402-934-9449

Kentucky Fried Chicken,1510 Galvin Road,402-291-0500

La Mesa ,1405 Fort Crook Road,402-733-8754

McDonalds,10201 S 21st Street,402-292-6100

Panera Bread,10503 S 15th Street,402-408-2900

Stellas,106 S Galvin Road,402-291-6088

Swine Dining,204 E Mission Avenue,402-292-7427

Outback Steakhouse,10408 S 15th Street,402-991-9275

Papa John’s,923 Galvin Road,402-292-1230

Romeo’s Mexican & Pizza,405 Galvin Rd N,402-292-2028

Village Inn,3809 Twin Creek Drive,402-292-46300


AK-SAR-BEN AQUARIUM & NATURE CENTER: 6 Miles South of Exit 432 off I-80, Gretna.     402-332-3901   Recently renovated the Aquarium, located in Schram Park State Recreation Area features more than 50 species of native Nebraska fish, nature trails, outdoor ponds, and wildlife movies.

BOYS TOWN: 137TH Street and West Dodge Street, Omaha     402-498-1140                             Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town in 1917.  Attractions include Father Flanagan’s Historic House, the Hall of History, Father Flanagan Shrine, Biblical and Rose Gardens, and the famous Two Brothers Statue.

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM: 500 S. 20th Street, Omaha      402-342-6164                                          Designed as a hands-on “adventure in doing”.  The Omaha’s Children’s Museum provides a place for children to learn, explore, and create in the worlds of science, the arts, and the humanities.

CZECHOSLOVAK MUSEUM: 2021 U Street, Omaha     402-291-2893                                              The museum houses historical and cultural items as well as artwork, jewelry, crystal, photographs, and more.

DE SOTO NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE: I-29 AND Hwy 59 on Hwy 3, Blair                      712-642-4121     The refuge is a haven for migrating ducks and geese.  There are nature trails and the Bertrand Excavation Site.

DURHAM MUSEUM: 801 South 10th Street, Omaha     402-444-5071                                           Housed in the Omaha Union Station, a restored art-deco railroad station.  Life-sized interactive sculptures allow visitors to hear about life in the 1930’s-1950.  Additional displays from different time periods are on exhibit.

El Museo Latino: 4701 South 25th Street, Omaha      402-731-1137                                                The first Latin museum includes art from the Americas, exhibits, and films.

FONTENELLE FOREST NATURE CENTER: 1111 Bellevue Blvd N, Bellevue     402-731-3140 Fontenelle Forest is a 1,400-acre forest, located near Bellevue.  Its visitor features include hiking trails, a nature center, children’s camps, a gift shop and picnic facilities.  Adventure Park with ropes course opened spring 2019.

FORT ATKINSON STATE HISTORICAL PARK:    7 blocks east of Hwy 75 on Madison Street, Fort Calhoun     402-468-5611.  The park features a replica of a fort built circa 1820 for the protection of area traders.  It was important to the early fur traders, river traffic, and relations with Native Americans.  Living history demonstrations are scheduled periodically during the summer.

FREEDOM PARK: 2497 Freedom Park Road, Omaha     402-444-5955                                    Freedom Park features tours of the submarine USS Marlin and USS Hazard, a World War II minesweeper.

GENERAL CROOK HOUSE: 30TH and Fort Street, Omaha     402-455-9990                              Located on Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha campus, this restored Victorian home once was the residence of a general who championed Native American rights.  The adjacent Library of Douglas County History houses military exhibits and county exhibits.

GERALD R. FORD BIRTH SITE & GARDENS: 3223 Woolworth Ave., Omaha                     402-444-5955/5962     Features include the Betty Ford Rose Garden, displays of White House memorabilia and a replica of the birthplace of former President Gerald R. Ford.  Adjacent is the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center.

GREAT PLAINS BLACK HISTORY MUSEUM: 2221 N 24TH Street, Omaha     402-932-7077           Housed in the Webster Telephone Exchange Building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Great Plains Black History Museum focuses on telling American History through the lens of African Americans.

HENRY DOORLY ZOO: 3701 South 10th Street, Omaha     402-733-8401    One of the top Zoo’s in the nation.  See their newest attraction Asian Highlands exhibit that opened spring 2019.  Other attractions include Lied Jungle, Aquarium, Desert dome, IMAZ theatre, Tram, Skyfari, Train, Carousel and so much more.

HISTORIC BELLEVUE:   Old Town, Bellevue     402-293-3080                                                           Early 19th Century Bellevue is recalled by a visit to a church, the courthouse, a cemetery, a bank, a log cabin, and a railroad depot.

JOSELYN ART MUSEUM: 2200 Dodge Street, Omaha     402-342-3300                                              The Joslyn Art Museum is the principle fine arts museum in the state of Nebraska.  Opened in 1931 at the initiative of Sarah H. Joselyn in memory of her husband.

NEBRASKA JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM: 333 South 132nd Street, Omaha               402-334-6441.  The museum preserves the history and culture of Jewish people in Omaha and Nebraska.

OLD MARKET:  1212 Howard Street, Omaha     402-341-7151                                                           The Old Market is a restored National Historic District in downtown Omaha with shops, galleries, theatres, and restaurants.  Tours can be arranged.

SARPY COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM: 2402 Clay Street, Omaha     402-292-1880       The Sarpy County Museum contains early and mid-1800’s period rooms displaying native artifacts, fur traders, and pioneers.

STRATEGIC AIR & SPACE MUSEUM: 28210 West Park Hwy, Ashland     402-944-3100 The Strategic Air & Space Museum exists to preserve the history of the Strategic Air Command, the Cold War and aerospace artifacts and inspire learning through imaginative, innovative, and inspirational programs and exhibits.


BALLET OMAHA: 2665 Farnam Street, Omaha. 402-346-7332 Call for information on shows.

BELLEVUE LITTLE THEATRE: 203 West Mission, Bellevue, 402-291-1554.  A renovated movie house featuring live plays.

OMAHA SYMPHONY: 1605 Howard St Ste. 100. Omaha 402-342-3836

OPERA OMAHA: 1625 Farnam Street, Omaha 402-346-0357.

ORPHEUM THEATRE: 409 South 16th Street, Omaha. 402-382-1138. Check web site for shows.

THE ROSE THEATRE: 2001 Farnam Street, Omaha 402-345-4849 Children’s Theatre

TV Channel Guide

SD Channels

2 – EWTN
3 – HSN
4 – Univisio
5 – CBS – KMTV
6 – My Network TV – KPTM
8 – NBC – WOWT
9 – ABC – KETV
10 – FOX – KPTM
11 – CW – KXVO
12 – NET – KYNE
13 – YurView
14 – QVC
16 – NETV 2
18 – Education Access
25 – TLC
27 – TBS
28 – Lifetime
29 – Paramount Network
30 – ESPN2
31 – ESPN
32 – USA Network
33 – CNN
34 – Nickelodeon
35 – MTV
36 – TNT
37 – Discovery Channel
38 – A&E
39 – BET
40 – Freeform
41 – E!
42 – CNBC
43 – The Weather Channel
44 – HLN
45 – AMC
46 – Comedy Central
47 – Fox Sports Midwest
48 – Disney Channel
49 – FX
50 – VH1
51 – Cartoon Network
53 – Syfy
54 – Food Network
55 – TCM
56 – Travel Channel
57 – ION Television
58 – Fox News Channel
59 – HGTV
60 – History
61 – WGN America
62 – Bravo
63 – Golf Channel
64 – CMT
65 – TV Land
66 – msnbc
67 – Animal Planet
70 – Telemundo
74 – GSN
75 – National Geographic
76 – UniMas
77 – NBC Sports Network
78 – Fox Sports 1
79 – POP
80 – Big Ten Network
81 – Big Ten Network Bonus
82 – Big Ten Network Bonus 2
83 – Fox Business
84 – MoviePlex
85 – Hallmark Channel
86 – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
87 – FXX
88 – Jewelry TV
107 – EVINE Live
90 – Investigation Discovery
91 – STARZ ENCORE Español
99 – Galavision Cable Network
108 – The Knowledge Network 1
109 – The Knowledge Network 2
110 – Scola
112 – QVC2
113 – IPTV
114 – PBS Learns
115 – PBS World
117 – C-SPAN
118 – C-SPAN 2
119 – C-SPAN 3
120 – Cozi TV
123 – MeTV
124 – NETV 3
125 – LAFF TV
126 – Antenna TV
128 – PBS Kids
129 – GritTV
130 – This TV
131 – Comet TV
134 – Leased Access
135 – Beauty IQ
136 – HSN 2
150 – BYU-TV
151 – TBN
152 – Cowboy Channel
153 – EWTN
154 – INSP
155 – The Word Network
156 – Daystar 400 Univision
202 – newsy
203 – truTV
216 – Fox Sports 2
244 – Oxygen
253 – WE tv
257 Nick Jr.
281 – IFC
282 – Sundance
401 – Univision (Pacific)
402 – UniMas
408 – Galavision Cable Network
412 – EWTN Español

HD Channels

1003 – HSN HD
1002 – EWTN HD
1004 – Univision HD
1005 – CBS HD – KMTV
1008 – NBC HD – WOWT
1009 – ABC HD – KETV
1010 – FOX HD – KPTM
1011 – CW HD – KXVO
1012 – NET HD – KYNE
1013 – YurView HD
1014 – QVC HD
1016 – NETV 2 HD
1025 – TLC HD
1027 – TBS HD
1088 – Jewelry TV HD
1107 – EVINE Live HD
1112 – QVC2 HD
1113 – Iowa PBS HD
1117 – C-SPAN HD
1118 – C-SPAN2 HD
1119 – C-SPAN3 HD
1028 – Lifetime HD
1029 – Paramount Network HD
1030 – ESPN2 HD
1031 – ESPNHD
1032 – USA Network HD
1033 – CNN HD
1034 – Nickelodeon HD
1035 – MTV HD
1036 – TNT HD
1037 – Discovery Channel HD
1038 – A&E HD
1039 – BET HD
1040 – Freeform HD
1041 – E! HD
1042 – CNBC HD
1043 – The Weather Channel HD
1044 – HLN HD
1045 – AMC HD
1046 – Comedy Central HD
1047 – Fox Sports Midwest HD
1048 – Disney Channel HD
1049 – FX HD
1050 – VH1 HD
1051 – Cartoon Network HD
1053 – Syfy HD
1054 – Food Network HD
1055 – TCM HD
1056 – Travel Channel HD
1057 – ION HD
1058 – Fox News Channel HD
1059 – HGTV HD
1060 – History HD
1061 – WGN America
1062 – Bravo HD
1063 – Golf Channel HD
1064 – CMT HD
1065 – TV Land HD
1066 – MSNBC HD
1067 – Animal Planet HD
1074 – GSN HD
1075 – National Geographic Channel HD
1076 – UniMas HD
1077 – NBC Sports Network HD
1078 – Fox Sports 1 HD
1079 – POP HD
1080 – Big Ten Network HD
1081 – Big Ten Network Bonus HD
1083 – Fox Business HD
1084 – MoviePlex HD
1085 – Hallmark Channel HD
1086 – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD
1087 – FXX HD
1090 – Investigation Discovery HD
1091 – Starz Encore Espanol HD
1099 – Galavision Cable Network HD
1135 – Beauty IQ HD
1153 – EWTN HD
1150 – BYUtv HD
1154 – INSP HD
1202 – newsy HD
1203 – truTV HD
1216 – Fox Sports 2 HD
1244 – Oxygen HD
1253 – WE tv HD
1257 – Nick Jr. HD
1281 – IFC HD
1282 – Sundance HD
1400 – Univision HD
1408 – Galavision Cable Network HD


Call desired Taxi service, Uber or Lyft. Inform them you will need to be picked up on the Base and will need the driver’s name, license plate number, color & make and model of the car and inform them that the only the Kenney (Flag) gate will facilitate entering the Base.  Let them know that the driver will be vetted through the National Criminal Database, the vehicle is subject to search at the gate and driver will leave his driver’s license with the gate guard while on Base and can pick it up on the way out of the same gate.

Call 55th Security Forces Squadron Emergency Control Center (ECC) at 402-294-4245.

Let the ECC know that you are requesting taxi service, which service, what time you are requesting pick-up, name of who is going to be picked up and where they are going to be picked up, and which gate they will be entering. Give the ECC all the information on the Driver from the Taxi service. Leave your name and a call back number giving ECC a focal point for when the transport arrives.

ECC will be vetting the Driver information through the National Criminal Database.

Once the taxi service clears the gate they are directed to the pickup location.  Please be waiting where the driver can locate you easily.  After the passenger is picked up, the Driver must exit the same gate to pick up their driver’s license on the way out.


Lyft – 855-469-2320

Omaha Happy Cab- 402-331-5558