Auto Hobby


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Offutt Auto Hobby is a full-service auto shop and a DIY garage. Our mechanics provide quality service at affordable rates for personal vehicles, golf carts, ATVs, and GSA fleet vehicles. Services include tires, brakes, oil changes, and minor maintenance. Self-service stalls are available for DIY maintenance. Use our flat stalls, drive-on lifts, frame lifts, lube racks, tire machine, and more. We also offer computerized engine analysis, and a battery charging system. Many common items are on inventory. Special items can be ordered including parts, batteries, and windshield wipers. Auto Hobby operates & maintains the automatic car wash, self-serve wash bays, a secure storage lot for automobiles, and a resale lot. Located in Bldg. 362 with ITT & Outdoor Rec. Call to make an appointment.