Newcomers’ Orientation occurs every 1st Wednesday of the month, 0800-1230.

Doors open at 0730 it starts promptly at 0800. Newcomers’ Orientation is mandatory for all active-duty personnel, regardless of unit of assignment or prior assignment to Offutt AFB. Spouses of active-duty personnel and DoD civilian employees may attend.

All participants MUST register at (402) 294-4329

For more Offutt AFB specific information and our newcomers guide click here

Plan My Move

Plan My Move

Plan My Move enables you to create a custom checklist for your move. Filled with information about the tasks you need to complete and how to complete them, your checklist is tailored to the unique needs that you or your family have throughout the PCS process.

Military Installations

Military Installations

  • Installation Programs/Services Directory
  • Major Units Directory (with phone numbers)
  • Create Customized Booklets
  • Installation Overview, Check-in Procedures, & Base Essentials
  • Details on Moving, Transportation, Housing, Medical, Legal, Child and Youth Services, Family Services and more!


Ready to become a Sponsor?

All Air Force Personnel assigned as Sponsors must take the Military OneSource eSAT (Electronic Sponsorship Application Training). Register on the MilLife LEARNING site to complete the required training and learn how to be an excellent resource to your incoming members and their families!

Need A Sponsor?

All Service members will be assigned a Sponsor.

Not sure who your Sponsor is?

Contact your gaining unit

Unit Sponsorship Program Support

The M&FRC Relocation Program is here to support Sponsors and Command Support Staff who are charged with managing and monitoring the unit level Sponsorship Program

Sponsors: The first step to becoming a successful Sponsor is taking the e-sponsorship application training (eSAT). This is a Department of Defense training, is mandated for all new Sponsors and Sponsors who have not taken the eSAT training within the year prior to a new Sponsorship assignment. Training certificates must be submitted to your unit Command Support Staff for unit Sponsorship Program recordkeeping. In addition to offering the Sponsorship training, this site provides Sponsors with information on the MilitaryInstallations and Plan My Move websites. It also provides a sample welcome letter, a Sponsorship duty checklist, and a Newcomer and Family needs assessment, which should be tailored to fit the needs of the inbound member and their Family.

Command Support Staff: Command Support Staff are tasked with managing and monitoring unit Sponsorship Programs. They are encouraged to take the eSAT training to become familiarized with the official role of the Sponsors they assign and the resources available to incoming members.

Area Resources: A comprehensive source of resources at Offutt AFB and in the surrounding areas is available on the MilitaryInstallations. Command Support Staff, Sponsors, and incoming members are encouraged to contact the Relocation Assistance Program manager for assistance, guidance, and resources​


  • Sponsor is notified of sponsorship appointment by Commander Support Staff
  • Sponsor MUST complete eSAT online training
  • Sponsor submits training certificate to Commander Support Staff
  • Sponsor downloads the Sponsor Checklist and Newcomer Needs Assessment (available through the My Training Hub account)
  • Sponsor contacts the inbound member with initial needs assessment, recommending self-serve use of the MilitaryInstallations and Plan My Move websites
  • Sponsor meets initial assessment needs of Newcomer and continues to provide all pre-move, arrival, and post-move assistance and guidance in accordance with the checklist
  • Upon Newcomer arrival, Sponsor provides settling-in services, ensures members complete all in-processing requirements, ensures members register for the Newcomer’s Orientation.


Contact Base Relocation Program Manager at the Military and Family Readiness Center at (402) 294-4329