Personal & Work Life Program

Provide personal and work life education that equips service members, couples and families with enrichment services with a focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships, strengthening interpersonal competencies and every-day problem solving skills to use throughout their military and family life-cycle.

Quick Overview of classes offered:

Bundles For Babies

The programs purpose is to provide expecting parents and new parents information regarding what to expect once baby arrives and preparation prior to baby arriving.  Topics discussed are: taking care of baby, what expect from baby, taking care of yourself, Tricare and DEERS enrollment, financial expectations and preparation for baby, Air Force Aid Society programs available, base resources and community resources.  There is also an information table with multiple handouts for the participants to take, some of which include, car seat safety, birthing classes, car seat safety checks, etc.  The Offutt Bundles for Babies program is a partnership between the A&FRC and the New Parent Support Program (NPSP) nurses.  The Bundles for Babies workshop is open to all ranks and all services and not limited to the first pregnancy.

DADS 101:  Welcome to Fatherhood

Two sessions: 1430-1630

This program is for new and expecting Dads.  It will be guided discussions on pregnancy, childbirth, fatherhood and your evolving relationship from couple, to partners. Preparing expectant fathers for the new role as parent and life partner. A&FRC discussion will cover financial expectations and preparations for baby.  The Offutt DADS 101 program is a partnership between the M&FRC and Family Advocacy.

Parenting with Love and Logic

A parenting program designed to provide the love and logic formula to raising responsible kids.  During this program you will:

  • Identify the four steps to responsibility
  • Recognize who has control and appropriate choices to share control
  • Identifying if the problem belongs to the child or parent
  • Setting limits
  • Design consequences and strategy for resolving a problem situation or behavior

This class is a partnership between A&FRC and Family Advocacy.

1-2-3 Magic

A parenting program designed to provide effective discipline for children age 2-12.

You will learn:

  • How to discipline without arguing, yelling, or spanking
  • How to control obnoxious behavior
  • How to handle the 6 kinds of testing and manipulation
  • Five tactics for encouraging good behavior
  • What to do about bedtime, messy rooms, lying, chores, homework and more
  • How to strengthen your relationship with your child

This class is a partnership between A&FRC and Family Advocacy.

PREP 8.0  Relationship Intelligence For Couples (do not have to be married)

One Day 0830-1630

Designed to help couples achieve their goals in relationships and family.  Helps build on the existing strengths of the couple and add critical life and relationship skills that will help participants to create safer and more stable couple relationships.  This program is a relationship skills training course (education NOT therapy) for couples designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems, and increase their connection with each other.  They learn skills to improve communication, enhance intimacy, work as a team, increase happiness and decrease stress.

Heart Link Spouse Orientation

Heart Link is a program which provides essential information to new military spouses and spouses new to the area to make life in the military and at Offutt AFB fulfilling and rewarding.  The day is filled with presentations, key resources and a great opportunity for networking with other spouses.  This program is open to all services.