105 Washington Square
Bldg. 49, Suite 100
Offutt AFB, NE 68113-4002

Customer Service:
(402) 294-5019
DSN: 271-5019
Fax: (402) 294-5556

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.*
*Open 12 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. every third Thursday due to training.
First Saturday of every month: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.**
**Customer Service Section is open for ID cards for dependents, reservists, retirees and shift workers.
Closed on all Federal Holidays & HQ ACC Family Days.
Appointments are highly encouraged, however we do service walk-ins on a first come, first served basis.

MPF Hours of Operation will be changing as of January 8, 2018.

Please watch for upcoming changes here.

The Military Personnel Flight (MPF) serves Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Retired personnel across the installation through our Customer Service, Force Management, and Career Development elements. We support all Airmen by assisting them in managing their military careers, and ensuring eligibility of entitlements. Appointments for customer service actions (military and civilian ID cards, DEERS updates, Agent letters, and passports) are highly encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis.

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Save Time on Dependent ID Card Renewals!

If you need to renew a dependent's ID Card, you can save time by pre-coordinating their required documents. Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Visit MilConnect at https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect or https://pki.dmdc.osd.mil/self_service and follow these directions:
Sign in >> Select “More Goals” >> Select “View ID card info >> Select “Replace ID Card” under the applicable dependent(s) >>follow the prompts until it says "DD Form 1172-2 has been successfully submitted." (**NOTE** The website periodically will not create a digitally signed DD Form 1172. If this happens, please try again later.)(Note: the dependent ID Card is DD Form 1173.)

Step 2 - Gather two (2) forms of ID (one must have a photograph) then scan them into your computer to be submitted.**
**Acceptable forms include: U.S. Military ID card / U.S. Military dependent’s ID card, U.S. passport or card, Permanent resident card (or Alien Registration Receipt Card/Form I-551), Foreign passport, Employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766), Driver’s license or ID card issued by a state or territory, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, U.S. Social Security Card issued by the SSA, original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority or territory bearing an official seal, Voter’s registration card, U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (N-560/N-561) or Certificate of Naturalization (N-550/N-570).
**NOTE: The original documents will need to be shown at the time of pick up.

Step 3 - Complete the OAFB Dependent ID Renewal Application (Fillable PDF) in its entirety.**
**Please skip the bottom portion labeled "Actions to be completed by the MPF ONLY." NOTE: If you are having trouble opening the form, you may right click on the link and save the document to your computer.

Step 4 - Take a photograph of the person needing a new dependent ID card.
The photo must be taken from the shoulders up, with no hats or any other obstruction to the face, on a white or off-white background. The image must be clear.

Step 5 - Visit the AMRDEC Safe website https://safe.amrdec.army.mil/safe and submit the materials in steps 2 - 4 to 55fssfsmpsintro@us.af.mil An encrypted message can also be sent to this address directly if AMRDEC is not a feasible option.

Step 6 - A confirmation email from MPF will be sent to you when the ID Card is ready for pickup.
Please call 402-294-2374 to check on the status if you have not received an email after seven days. The sponsor does not need to accompany the dependent for card pick up. The dependent(s) receiving a new card will need to sign the ID Card and DD Form 1172-2 at the time of pickup. (**NOTE** The ORIGINAL FORMS OF ID NEED TO BE SHOWN WHEN PICKING UP THE CARD.)

If you are having difficulties completing any of the above steps, please call 402-294-2374 for assistance.

***ONCE A NEW ID CARD HAS BEEN GENERATED, THE OLD ID CARD WILL NO LONGER BE VALID. If the dependent attempts to use their old card to enter the installation, it will be confiscated. The MPF-generated email can be used at Pass & Registration to obtain a temporary pass for travel ONLY to the MPF. Please do not delay pickup of the new ID Card.***

Finance Technician Available on Mondays, 294-2374

Finance Technician Available Every Monday
Beginning Nov. 13, the 55 CPTS will have a technician at the Military Personnel Flight (MPF) every Monday to allow for collocated finance and personnel customer service! The finance technician will be in Bldg. 49, Room 101A from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Customer Service (military/civilian/retiree ID cards, DEERS, Agent Letters): (402) 294-5019
Force Management NCOIC: (402) 294-4788
Passports: (402) 232-6035
Force Management (duty status, PCA, AFSC classifications, UPMR, overseas tour data, special duty assignment pay program): (402) 294-4788
Leave/INTRO: (402) 294-2374
Evaluations/Decorations: (402) 294-2050
Career Development Superintendent: (402) 232-1348
Retentions (reenlistments/extensions/retirements/separations): (402) 232-1367
Outbound Assignments: (402) 232-1727
Promotions: (402) 294-4448
PRP: (402) 294-4788