The Get ofFIT Program encourages you to stay healthy all year round! Whether you're into weight lifting, swimming or even walking - the Field House has got you covered! You could also win some great prizes on top of improving your health! Check out all the programs below!

Jump into any challenge throughout the year!

Email to sign up for a challenge! Let us know what you want to join!

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Swim Fit
Open to anyone with Field House access who is 16+.
Sign up at the lifeguard desk.

Swim Fit rewards you for logging laps in the pool - whether it's swimming, paddling or wading!

Log your miles with the lifeguard each time you swim! Swim 40, 70 or 100 collective miles and win a prize at each checkpoint! Swim at your own pace, this program is open all year long! (36 Laps = 1 Mile) (1 Lap = down to the other end of the pool and back)

At 100 miles your name will be painted on the pool wall! (Keep going! Each additional 100 miles gets you a gold star next to your name!)

Step it Up challenge begins 10/15, 294-5413

Step It Up
The next challenge is Oct. 15 - Dec. 9!
Open to anyone with Field House access who is 16+ with any type of activity tracker (Apple Watch, Fit Bit, Garmin Vivofit, Google Fit, Jawbone, etc.)

How many challenges reward you just for walking? Step It Up is an eight week challenge where your goal is to increase your daily step average. Reach your weekly step goal and be entered to win a door prize! Winners will be selected each Wednesday. The participant with the highest step count at the end of each challenge will win a big prize!

Each challenge will increase in steps:
     ●1st Challenge: 8,000 Steps / Day (56,000 Steps / Week or 448,000 Steps / 2 Months) (Challenge begins Feb. 5, first screenshot is due Feb. 13)

     ●2nd Challenge: 9,000 Steps / Day (63,000 Steps / Week or 504,000 Steps / 2 Months) (Challenge begins April 2, first screenshot is due April 10)

     ●3rd Challenge: 10,000 Steps / Day (70,000 Steps / Week or 560,000 Steps / 2 Months) (Challenge begins May 28, first screenshot is due June 3)

     ●4th Challenge: 11,000 Steps / Day (77,000 Steps / Week or 616,000 Steps / 2 Months) (Challenge begins Aug. 6, first screenshot is due Aug. 14)

     ●5rd Challenge: 12,000 Steps / Day (84,000 Steps / Week or 672,000 Steps / 2 Months) (Challenge begins Oct. 15, first screenshot is due Oct. 23)

Check-in weekly by:
     Showing your weekly progress to the Field House front desk staff,
     Emailing a screenshot of your tracker's progress to
If you forget to check in, you can still be entered for the top prize but will not be eligible for that week's door prize.
*Apple Watch, Fit Bit, Garmin Vivofit, Google Fit and Jawbone are trademarks of their respective companies.

Just Lose It
Begins with initial weigh-in Feb. 1 - 3 and Feb. 6 - 8 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Open to anyone 18+

Compete against other members of the Offutt community to lose weight and improve your health! Prizes will be awarded to a male and female for both body fat percent lost and body fat total.

Contestants can also win by participating in fitness challenges, classes and events. The contestant who earns the most points wins a prize!
     Each percent of body weight lost or 1/2 Inch lost on neck, waist and hips = 1 Pt
     Fitness Classes (Aerobics / Zumba, Spin, Fit to Fight and Aerobathons) = 3 Pts
     Fitness Events (Fun Runs, 5K & 10Ks, Walks) = 3 Pts
     Fitness Challenges = 3 Pts
     Health Promotions (Formerly HAWC) Activities (Call 294-5977 to learn more) = 5 Pts

Weigh-Ins are conducted every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. beginning March 15. Weigh-In Dates:
     March 15, April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, Aug. 16, Sept. 20, Oct. 18 & Nov. 15
     Final Weigh-In Dec. 20.
If you are unable to be present for a weigh-in, please call 294-5413 to schedule an alternate weigh-in appointment (must be conducted during the same week).